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Was it designed to substitute the toothbrush?
No. Our product was designed for oral hygiene, to be used when you are not at home or when you have no possibility to use a toothbrush.

Where can I buy it?
The product is sold in blister packs of 6 Rollys in leading chemists, supermarkets and now also on Amazon. You will soon find it in single packs in all top restaurants.

Is it a safe product?
Yes, of course. Studies proved that in case of accidental swallowing it does not cause any damage or shock to the dygestive system.

What are the main ingredients?
•mint flavour to refresh your breath
•Xilitol to combat dental plaque and cavities
•Fluorine to make your teeth stronger

What kind of plastic is used to make it?
Rolly is made from a specially chosen polymer compliant with the food industry regulations, therefore non toxic, purchased from one of the world’s leading producers.

Where and how is Rolly produced?
Rolly is produced and packaged 100% in Italy, in specialised production plants with stringent hygienic rules. The packaging is the same as that used the pharmaceutical industry, making the product more hygenic and safer for the consumer.

Is it safe for children?
Despite it being a safe product, we recommend that it is not use by children under 7.