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The Ravasini dental practice has been operating in Parma since 1930 and it is specialized in both the treatment and prevention of dental diseases and oral surgery.

The layout of the 512 m² practice is based on the American concept of “walk-around”.
Patients have independent access to the single cubicles via two corridors that surround the central, clinical part of the practice, thus avoiding contact with the staff. Important hygiene and ergonomic benefits are the result.

The dental practice offers the following advantages:

  • Less waiting time between one patient and the next
  • Better cleaning and disinfection time of the practice
  • More staff give greater care in instrument sterilization
  • Microscope “operator” for the treatment / diagnosis of certain diseases
  • Digital system for PANORAMIC image acquisition
  • In-house dental laboratory for quick repairs
  • 10 private car parking spaces